Reclaiming My Body Part 2

This article may be sensitive for certain readers. Please take notice of this. It contains content regarding sexual assault. If you have not read the first part here is the link to part one. My Symptoms And Psychosomatic Symptoms A lot of people barely disclose how uncomfortable the forensic examination is. I felt humiliated during [...]


Only The Winds Echoed

Our bodies are gardens to which our wills are gardeners.William Shakespeare I am homesick for a place, I am not sure even exists. One where my heart is full. where my intentions are comprehended. A safe haven - one where I can completely let go and be me. My body loved. And my soul fully [...]

A Paralyzing Chill

A paralyzing chill ran down my spine as I stood at that bus station. I was a mess. My heart was knocking on my chest as an irritated toddler would at his mother's leg when he demands to be given flight privileges. "Would you like to know the time, son?", A distant voice said, snapping [...]