A Letter To All Parents

Dear lovely parents, Stop motivating us by comparing us To people our age. You’re tarnishing Our self-esteems - by doing so. Stop using us as A container for Your own rage. Rage caused by things You had to endure in life. We ask only for Your love and support.** Thank you for being with me. [...]


Silent Dawn After Trauma

  Silent Dawn After Trauma By: Francesca Seopa   Silent dawn of slow advance, Thread the world with gifted lance. Beckon to hold the life in grasp, To feel the rays and darkness rasp. Cold turn warm the seed to grow, Showered rain of droplets to show. And life anew to begin and cycle, Of [...]

Nature Of Wisdom

Nature of Wisdom by: Francesca Seopa Sometimes if we just pause for a moment, Things become a little clearer, we learn something. These moments are everything, and we find wisdom. Sometimes, it`s given to you, passed from one hand to another. Sometimes you have to learn it on your own. And, sometimes it speaks right [...]

Beneath The Rubble

  You see you can't run away from your pain Because where ever you run there you will be. You have to learn to water your spiritual garden, Then you will be free. - Janet Jackson   From Beneath The Rubble: by: Francesca Seopa From Beneath the rubble, There is Hope, so soldier on. In [...]

The Concept Of Time

Time is one of the most important concepts that must be considered when talking about mental health. All of us feel that time is one resource that is not used wisely, the fact is contrasted by all we must do with the time we are afforded. For those with mental health issues, it may at [...]

You Are the Master of Your Fate

One of the challenging aspects of living with Complex Trauma, sometimes coupled with other mental health issues, is having to deal with the inner voice or inner critic that gets left in one’s head after trauma. Every person has negative thoughts once in a while but a person who has suffered trauma experiences this in [...]