2019 has been a year of growth and challenges. But I can never blame myself for wanting to live. Everything is teaching me something. As long as I’m open and willing to learn. Everyone comes into this world being enough. I am enough. 💫Here is to 2020. Thank you for being with me.Angel Love and … Continue reading 2019

Losing Hopes To Despair: Thus Passes A Lifetime

Losing Hopes To Despair: Thus Passes A Lifetime  by: Francesca Seopa There's a battle being fought behind the curtain An enemy awaits me, on that I'm certain There are blows being thrown where I'm out of sight But my armour awaits the evil that lurks with night Cuddled in my manner of ancient darkness Puzzled … Continue reading Losing Hopes To Despair: Thus Passes A Lifetime

Establishing Boundaries After Trauma

I personally feel that people who have survived trauma have trouble establishing boundaries; when reclaiming their power and their self esteem. We often set out boundaries too low and often allow people to ill treat us. Other times, we never allow ourselves to form healthy relationships. This is the most challenging part of living with … Continue reading Establishing Boundaries After Trauma