The Moon And Us

And the Moon Said to me - Darling, you Do not have to be whole in order to shine. We can disagree And still love each other Unless your disagreement Is rooted in my oppression And denial of my humanity And right to exist. Thank you for being with me. Let us rebuild a healthy [...]


Death Is Certain

It's been three months since I lost my grandfather. I took time to contemplate about him and came across a passage in a book I'm currently reading. It goes... No matter where I am born, whether it is in fortunate or unfortunate states of existence, I will definitely have to die. Whether I am born [...]

Reclaiming My Body Part 1

This article may be sensitive for certain readers. Please take notice of this. It contains content regarding sexual assault. Whilst Growing Up When I was younger, I was always an extremely reserved and introverted kid who felt comfortable in her own skin. I grew up in a sheltered household that was full of love and [...]

Reasons To Be Alive

It is completely acceptable to stay alive for tiny reasons. Because you want to hear your favorite song one more time. Because your pet will miss you if you leave. The moon is just too pretty to never see. The beautiful sunsets are just too precious to never see again. Because you haven't seen the [...]


I hope you finally get released from all the things that hold you bondage when it comes to receiving, and reciprocating, love - and the acts thereof. I hope your ears come to admire your favorite songs again - without the painful memories that the passing of time has attached to them. I hope you [...]

For The Lost Souls

For The Lost Souls This is for all the lost souls. I write this to lay down the lives of those that have been lost on this page. With these words of mine, I call upon them to breathe life into them. I bring forth their smiles and their voices to life, again. This is [...]