Silent Dawn After Trauma

  Silent Dawn After Trauma By: Francesca Seopa   Silent dawn of slow advance, Thread the world with gifted lance. Beckon to hold the life in grasp, To feel the rays and darkness rasp. Cold turn warm the seed to grow, Showered rain of droplets to show. And life anew to begin and cycle, Of [...]


The Rising Sun

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. - Sun Tzu     The Rising Sun: A dark phase and struggle is over. A new phase is upon you - one of hope, glory, light and triumph. It is won through boldness and persistence. You have been through much, and now [...]

Beneath The Rubble

  You see you can't run away from your pain Because where ever you run there you will be. You have to learn to water your spiritual garden, Then you will be free. - Janet Jackson   From Beneath The Rubble: by: Francesca Seopa From Beneath the rubble, There is Hope, so soldier on. In [...]