Students and Trauma

The Nervous System Nerves form and transport information. If nerves are developed entirely, then people can self regulate. If the nerves’ connections are not well connected they tend to get lost, and lost permanently. This then results in people not being able to form proper relationships or relating in the correct way to suit a … Continue reading Students and Trauma


I stopped dating men for the longest time because I feared them. Became one of them because of trauma. I can never blame myself for wanting to live. Thank you for being with me. Let us rebuild a healthy state of mind. Love, Francesca.

The Dark Side of Bipolar Disorder

I have been living with bipolar disorder for about 4 years now. It was initially misdiagnosed as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Since Bipolar 2 disorder is characterised mainly by severe depressive episodes and hypomaina (which can be hard to detect and diagnose - since most, if not all people exhibit hypo-mania as extreme happiness). Whereas, … Continue reading The Dark Side of Bipolar Disorder