Seeking Providence

Seeking Providence By: Francesca Seopa How many wars must we wage, before we realize that borders are made by men, not gods? How many houses must burn, before we learn that peace is made by words not weapons? How many children must die, before we discover that the highest religion is that of humanity? How [...]


Heaven Knows I Meant Well

This post was originally posted on The bipolar Writer Blog - A Mental Health Blog ( . Heaven Knows I meant Well: By: Francesca Seopa Heaven knows i meant well My fiction was less of a fairy-tale for me to sell Heaven truly knows i meant well My truth sounded more like a lie to [...]

Why I’ve Been Absent

  Take time to do what makes your soul happy. - Anonymous   I have been over working and my physical health and mental health suffered as a result. I needed time to recuperate and rest. I will be back soon this week, I hope everyone is doing well and managing their mental health and [...]

I Meant Well

    I Meant Well By : Francesca Seopa Heaven knows I meant well, Truth is what I speak, Love is what I seek, Honesty is what humanity leaks. My body and soul have a longing, To feel like I belong. Oh, how I longed and prayed for rest. This safe haven has placed all [...]

A Silent Cry

Sometimes even to live is an act of courage. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca I would firstly like to start by stating that if anyone reading this, is in anyway considering ending their life. They should Kindly seek professional help and speak to a loved one. I also take notice that this topic might be triggering [...]