Losing Hopes To Despair


Losing Hopes To Despair: Thus Passes A Lifetime 

by: Francesca Seopa

There’s a battle being fought behind the curtain
An enemy awaits me, on that I’m certain

There are blows being thrown where im out of sight
But my armour awaits the evil that lurks with night

Cuddled in my manner of ancient darkness
Puzzled at the thought of a destructive kindness

It is orion that has lead me here
One that bears the tales of mysteries found at Giza

Vanity it might’ve been
A route embedded in my own imagination is one I could’ve seen

Insanity is what i feel;

A bot of maturity is what you’ll need to heal

It’s the voice;
The voice, the voice that made me believe there lives a choice between the paths of emotion and reason.

Yes indeed it was the voice
That drew my devotion and blinded my senses from the sins of the seasons.

Embraced by the orbits of overtuned obscurities;
Anger,Hate,Regret, Resentment, Anxiety,Betrayal and oh yes Fear

Fear is He who’s battle triumphs I hear the most

There’s a battle being fought behind the curtain

The weapons are drawn
As the horn is blown
The horn is blown
And the weapons are drawn

My courage cuddles in a corner
Questioning why it was summoned

Anger raises a flag of cowardice
Hate awakens social exile
Fear chooses to run that extra mile

Exhausted by distress
What they think I could careless
A river cried full of tears
A youth filtered no sign of peers

An enemy awaits me
The horn is blown

With sounds signalling sympathy

A war-cry is heard
Adrenaline is endured
The thunder of drums drilling devotion

I collect the scattered corners and cuts of my uniformly coloured collage of sorrow

As I seek to approach the curtain
Coiled in curiosity
Cautioned by the confusion of what may arise
Visions at a flashing rate

I’ve had it with lies let whatever it is be a surprise

Trapped in the muds of truth
Cautiously analyzing the buts of previous burns.

A batlle is fought behind the curtain
An enemy awaits me on that im certain.

Thank you for being with me. I look forward to seeing you here soon. Let us rebuild a healthy state of mind.



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