Boys and Girls

I just had an argument with a friend of mine. Boy, am I upset. Sometimes I feel like boys and girls are just so different. Maybe we understand each other (sometimes) and/or agree to disagree on certain topics when arguing.

You know what, the difference between boys and girls: Boys grow upwards and girls grow up.

Maybe I’m over reacting but despite all this bickering and cat fighting with my friend. I sure am blessed and proud to have him in my life especially during this pandemic. Plus he keeps me company during quarantine.

I guess that’s the way life goes. Thank you for being with me. Let us rebuild a healthy state of mind.

Sending you angel love and blessings…

and yes, I know, I need to own up to my own actions and allow myself to feel emotions and apologize. And maybe he should too! 😊

Love, Francesca.

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