The Life of A Tree

I’m a tree.

A tall tree standing taller out of the rest – of the over trees.

I’m strong. I hold it all up among the ground up.

I’m tall and fine.

Days go and nights stay by.

I’m tall to hold it all but soon.

I’ll fall — I’ll fall to the ground no longer tall to hold everything up with just one hand.

I’m a tree with life and will.

But cut me down if you will. I’m a tree used for thee.

Thee who cuts, will make me fall.

Vines among my branches reaching out into the sun.

Leaves start to fall one by one.

No longer shall I stand, no longer the will of life be among the things I hold.

No more life, no more joy…

Just something for you to enjoy.

Thank you for being with me. Let us rebuild a healthy state of mind.

Love, Francesca

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