Nature Of Wisdom


Nature of Wisdom

by: Francesca Seopa

Sometimes if we just pause for a moment,

Things become a little clearer, we learn


These moments are everything, and we find


Sometimes, it`s given to you,

passed from one hand to another.

Sometimes you have to learn it on

your own.

And, sometimes it speaks right into our soul,

without speaking at all.

It is the sum of all our knowledge

and experience….

a candle in the darkness…

And, undoubtedly, it is the most precious

thing we have.

Because when we hold wisdom in our hands…

We hold the key, to something great.

And, while each of us may gain wisdom

in different ways,

There is one thing that remains true for

us all….

It`s what you do with it that counts!


Thank you for being with me. I look forward to seeing you here soon. Let us rebuild a healthy state of mind.



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