Beneath The Rubble



You see you can’t run away from your pain
Because where ever you run there you will be.
You have to learn to water your spiritual garden,
Then you will be free. – Janet Jackson


From Beneath The Rubble:

by: Francesca Seopa

From Beneath the rubble,

There is Hope, so soldier on.

In the Midst of it all,

From Beneath the rubble,

Have Courage and soldier on.


Time will come, time will go. 

Time shall reap, that time has sown.


Time comes slowly, time goes fast.

Time will linger, time outlasts.

Fate is fickle, Fate is shrewd.

With a smile warm and lewd.

But despite it all,

From Beneath the rubble,

There is Life and Love, soldier on.

Peace is already there to some extent: the problem is whether we know how to touch it. When we are in touch with the Highest Spirit in Ourselves, we become very tolerant, very open, very deep and very understanding. -Thich Nhat Hanh




Thank you for being with me. I look forward to seeing you here. Let us rebuild a healthy state of Mind.




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