Establishing Boundaries After Trauma

I personally feel that people who have survived trauma have trouble establishing boundaries; when reclaiming their power and their self esteem.

We often set out boundaries too low and often allow people to ill treat us. Other times, we never allow ourselves to form healthy relationships.

This is the most challenging part of living with complex trauma. Our boundaries often require us to trust ourselves and to follow our intuition. Complex trauma often involves distorting someone else’s perception of themselves. Complex trauma is personal, extremely internal and attacks one’s subconscious.

This trauma often manifests on an external scale, makes us seem out of sink with our surroundings and most importantly with ourselves.

Living for ourselves and learning to forgive ourselves when finding ourselves, is key. Trauma teaches us to hate and discredit ourselves and also leads us to internal suffering.

Self care and self compassion are key to helping us establish healthy boundaries. People with mental health issues do have a hard time accepting themselves and accepting the skin they were born into (the good work of low self esteem). Very often, an externalized voice turns into something internalized and that is often very hard to work through.

You do not need to be validated by anyone. You being alive, being present in the here and now, proves that you are worthy.

There is no virtue in tolerating toxic behavior. The hardest thing I had to learn; My seeing people’s internal struggles and pain had been my undoing. It was here, I learnt that people steal more than material possessions. – Francesca Seopa

Thank you for being with me.

I look forward to seeing you here again. Let us rebuild a healthy state of mind.



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