Voyage to Peace and happiness



Most people suffering from mental health feel a need to want to gravitate towards finding peace and being happy again. Some feel like who they were before their trauma or traumas, or more accurately, before their diagnosis was a peaceful state of being alive. Most would say that during recovery, they most certainly want to work their way back, to what they used to be. To how innocent, loving and carefree they used to be. Viewing the world as a place full of hope, waiting to be explored.  Considering people as trustworthy and full of love. That life was full of color then the colors drained, turning the world black and white. It is most certainly true, that most of us lose a sense of self when recovering. When taking this long journey to find peace with the world; most importantly peace with ourselves and our suffering.


I personally believe that happiness is going day by day overcoming obstacles or challenges. The challenge of loving oneself and accepting one’s mental health diagnosis. The challenge of being at peace with your struggle to finding your self-worth in the process of healing from trauma. The challenge of accepting this as apart of you. Most importantly the challenge of acknowledging that one can never go back in time and live in the past but, must live by moving on and working with what they are becoming. Of course, this is easier said than done. Recovering from a mental health condition and being at peace with a new normal is hard work. Trust me, there are ups and downs but despite it all, one must love their perfect imperfections. Recovery, is not linear. You will feel like you are taking two steps forward and five steps backwards sometimes. Believe you me, it is all worth it. In due time your hard work will pay off.


Fighting adversity, being victorious and at times failing, is all part of the process of attaining happiness. Accept your condition. This is who you are going to be from now on, however, do not let it stop you from living life and feeling alive. After all, we are all human. A state of peace and happiness cannot be maintained, as stated; recovery is not linear. There is no secret to peace and happiness, but one has to try and enjoy living despite the pain and heartache. It is not the end of the world, even if you have bad days there are good days. The sky bares testimony to this, it can be grey and rainy but at the end of it all, a rainbow will eventually come out and the sun pops up too!



Most people suffering with mental health issues have a hard time being present within their bodies, making it hard for them to accept reality. Peace is acceptance of reality. When accepting reality, everything starts falling into place. Making it easier for people to be content with themselves.

” In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from your past, but you will find yourself”  — Deepak Chopra


Thank you for being with me.


I look forward to seeing you here again.












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