The Media’s Take On Mental and Chronic Illnesses

As someone who has chronic illnesses coupled with mental illnesses, I strongly believe that the media tends to portray these illnesses in an unfavorable light. Media presentations tend to reinforce the public's stereotypes on mental and chronic illnesses and thus instilling fear in the public. This further isolates people suffering from mental or chronic illnesses, [...]


Forgiveness after Trauma

  People suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Complex Post Traumatic Stress disorder (CPTSD) tend to find the concept of forgiveness to be very challenging. I believe that forgiveness is a conscious decision that one makes to release feelings of resentment and vengeance towards a person that has done them wrong or has [...]

You Are the Master of Your Fate

One of the challenging aspects of living with Complex Trauma, sometimes coupled with other mental health issues, is having to deal with the inner voice or inner critic that gets left in one’s head after trauma. Every person has negative thoughts once in a while but a person who has suffered trauma experiences this in [...]

Establishing Boundaries After Trauma

I personally feel that people who have survived trauma have trouble establishing boundaries; when reclaiming their power and their self esteem. We often set out boundaries too low and often allow people to ill treat us. Other times, we never allow ourselves to form healthy relationships. This is the most challenging part of living with [...]